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Legal industry experience
A global database of
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Network access to another
law firms
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Competitive bidding for legal services

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Feedback on lawyers from previous clients

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Temporary and permanent lawyer placement

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Unique patented technology

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Attorney-client matching

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Bespoke consulting for enterprise clients

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Native patented Blockchain security for sensitive legal documents and communications

24/7 access to documents and communications via desktop or app

Native/own video conferencing service, serving up to 1000 participants simultaneously

Native integrated invoices and billing

Integrated email, messaging, and voice communications

Community attorney-client forum

Helpful blogs and articles


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“In my recent lateral move, Beatrice was effective acting as both advocate and counselor. Using her understanding of the legal market, she ensured that I showcased my strengths and knew what to expect. Throughout the process, Beatrice also apprised me of developments and invited questions and feedback. Beatrice discerns what motivates individuals and teams, which allowed her to match my career vision with the goals of my current group. She understood my focus on culture and practice area growth as well as the importance of alignment between my values, skillset, and experience and the mindset of my new team. Beatrice has enabled me to step into a career opportunity unlike any other, and I am excited to begin this new chapter. I credit the success of my recent move to her efforts and abilities. For a legal professional interested in a career shift, Beatrice is the right choice.”

Susannah Gagnon, PhD
Associate as Part of Group Move with Ellie Steiner to Clark Hill

“Beatrice is a force. There is no other way to describe her and her efforts on my behalf. From my first contact with Beatrice, it was apparent to me that she is not your ordinary legal placement consultant. In fact, to put her in that category does her a disservice. Beatrice literally altered my career path, and in a very good way. After more than thirty-five years of practice, I was not sure there were any exciting opportunities left for me. Boy was I wrong. Once she learned about my practice, my experience, and my desire to build an even more dynamic practice in the years ahead, Beatrice helped me demonstrate to potential firms both the value of my experience and my client base. She found several opportunities for me, but the one with the best cultural fit, geographic reach, and full service practice was Lathrop GPM LLP. A firm I never would have learned about but for Beatrice and API. Thank you, Beatrice and API. You have my deepest appreciation and unqualified recommendation.”

Mike Piazza
Partner Lathrop GPM LLP

“I am proud to say that the process of getting my documents completed has been seamless. The app is easy to navigate and provides a lot of useful information. It gave me the opportunity to connect with many lawyers and choose the one that best suited my needs. At first I had questions about how my information would be safe and secure but the support team was quick & clear on explaining how the app uses blockchain technology to ensure my documents are secure. All in all, a great experience. I feel safer to search and find legal help on the JustLaw platform vs searching on the web. Keep up the good work, I’ll be using JustLaw again and highly recommend it"

Krikor Markarian, Director
Jack Montclair Gourmet LLC

“Beatrice has been pivotal in helping me find a great platform to grow my business despite the fact that it was a somewhat atypical lateral partner move. In addition to being proactive and responsive, Beatrice provided thoughtful and strategic suggestions throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a lateral move.”

Tron Fu
Dickinson Wright