About Us

JustLaw was created by the team behind Attorney Placements International (API).
Launched in 2005, API placed over ten thousands attorneys with the world’s leading law firms.
More than two thirds of API placements were repeat engagements from existing clients – a testament to the success of API’s analytical results-orientated approach.

Our Clients


“Beatrice……. Thank you for all of your efforts. You took the time to understand what I was looking for and made available several options which provided a more fulsome choice. In the end, your guidance and support placed me in a great fit, both for my career as well as me personally. I couldn’t be happier.”
 “Beatrice is an experienced, successful recruiter. She is a go-getter and operates with intention. Beatrice knows the legal marketplace. She is skilled in seeking to maximizing opportunity and compensation, and to present lateral candidates in a highly favorable light”.
“Beatrice ”Thank you very much for all of your efforts in finding me a great fit for my practice! Your use of your connections in the legal market and attention to my search was very much appreciated as well as your friendship and knowledgeable guidance during the process.”
“It is impossible to quantify how invaluable Beatrice O’Brien was in the process that brought me to Anderson Kill. My work is domestic and international, traditional litigation and arbitration, and I am also a CPA who does a lot of work in tax courts. So I knew that it would be a challenging search as I sought to leave my boutique firm for one that had the resources to support my diverse practice, without sacrificing the intimacy I enjoyed for many years at a smaller firm. It felt as if there was no perfect fit for me. However, Beatrice immediately made me confident that there was indeed a perfect fit for me, and that she would help me find it. She dug into the nuance of the needs I expressed, understanding not just the what but the why, and then skillfully focused the search, tapping into her vast knowledge of the practices of the firms, and perhaps more importantly, their cultures and people. Beatrice counseled me through every step of the process, offering sage advice as I settled on Anderson and remarkable expertise in negotiating the deal. I feel privileged to have developed an association with Beatrice and API!”
“If there were a fairy godmother for top attorneys seeking lateral placements in Big Law, Beatrice O’Brien of Attorney Placements International LLC is it! Beatrice is a pro at identifying ace lawyers for lateral placement and presenting them with a variety of viable prospects. Beatrice will work at your side as your trusted counsel during the search process, providing valuable advice and helping you navigate through the transition. Searching for a new opportunity can be stressful at times, but you will sleep well at night knowing that Beatrice and Attorney Placements International are advocating for your career. Due to Attorney Placements International’s extensive network and Beatrice’s relentless persistence, I was able to find a great new home in Big Law. When seeking new opportunities, I highly recommend Beatrice O’Brien of Attorney Placements International LLC: consider her the Rolls Royce of legal recruiters.”
“Beatrice got me my dream job. When I spoke to her the very first time, she simply asked me “if you were to move from your current firm, what would it take.” Half skeptical, I listed out what I was looking for in a dream firm. She listened, understood what I was looking for, and made it happen. I could not be happier, and I can’t imagine ever leaving my new firm ever. Beatrice prepared me for every step, followed up after every interview, and was simply amazing. If you want to end up where YOU want to be (instead of where a recruiter wants you to go), work with Beatrice. You won’t regret it”.
“My experience working with Beatrice O’Brien was extraordinary in every sense. Unlike many recruiters who focus solely on the placement regardless of whether there is a match between client and opportunity, Beatrice took the time to fully understand my reasons for moving as well as where I would best fit in the next move. As a result, she targeted firms with precision and detail, with the aim to place me in a position where I would want to stay for a long time. She placed my professional interests far ahead of her financial ones, in an effort to make the right fit. And now that we have found a fit, I am certain that it is the right one. I owe that all to her patience, advice and guidance”.
“Beatrice- Where do I begin? You are a true game changer in this industry, and you altered the trajectory of my career. To say that I am grateful for all you have done for me would be an understatement. Words cannot do justice to the time and effort you put into guiding me, advising me and making sure that I found the right platform for my business and my future. I wish I had met you at the start of my career – I would have ended up in my “home” a lot sooner. You made this happen and for that, I am forever indebted. To anyone who is looking to make a move, and serious about their career and their future, I would tell you not to walk, but to run to Beatrice and API international. Beatrice took an interest in me not only as a professional, but as an individual and that combination (very rare to find until you find Beatrice) is what landed me in my “dream job.” You are committed, loyal and will stop at nothing to ensure that those you represent and work with not only get the deal they want, but the one they deserve. Thank you, a million times, over and I look forward to a long relationship.”
“Beatrice is simply the best. She is the most driven, sophisticated, and ambitious recruiter that I have ever met. Her network is extraordinary and, as a result, she can get you access to the right people at the right firms. Most importantly, she takes a broad view of how a potential lateral move fits into your career development and offers thoughtful strategic advice. And when it comes time to negotiate, she is a force of nature, exactly the person you want in your corner. Simply put, she has done more to advance my career than any other single person.”
“The word “professional” epitomizes Beatrice O’Brien, who is a tireless and dedicated advocate for her clients. She is extremely adept at identifying firms whose search criteria match the search criteria of her clients. One of Beatrice’s many skills is her ability to foster a working relationship with the firms of interest and then promote a dialogue between those firms and her clients. When it gets down to working out a deal, her negotiation skills are unrivaled. We unequivocally endorse Beatrice O’Brien and her company Attorney Placements International!”
“I had the pleasure of working with Beatrice during my recent job search, and I cannot emphasize enough the exceptional level of service and commitment she provided. Beatrice truly went above and beyond to ensure my experience was not only successful but also tailored to my unique needs. From our initial conversation, it was evident that Beatrice possesses a deep understanding of the legal industry and an extensive network of connections. She took the time to understand my career goals, strengths, and preferences. This personalized approach definitely set Beatrice apart from other recruiters I have worked with in the past. What impressed me most was Beatrice’s proactive communication and transparency throughout the entire process. She consistently kept me informed about potential opportunities, provided valuable insights into the legal market, and offered constructive feedback to enhance my candidacy. At no point did I feel like I was just a transaction. This level of engagement made me feel supported and confident in my job search. Beatrice also worked hard to match my skills with the right opportunities. She not only identified positions that aligned with my career objectives but also took the time to ensure that the organizational culture and work environment were a good fit. This attention to detail was instrumental in helping me secure a role that exceeded my expectations. With Beatrice’s support, I will be successfully transitioning into a new role that aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. Her commitment to my success and genuine passion for connecting candidates with the right opportunities have left a lasting impression. Beatrice is not just a recruiter but rather a trusted advisor who is genuinely invested in the success of those she represents. I wholeheartedly recommend Beatrice to any legal professional seeking a recruiter who goes above and beyond to ensure a positive and successful job search experience.”
In my recent lateral move, Beatrice was effective acting as both advocate and counselor. Using her understanding of the legal market, she ensured that I showcased my strengths and knew what to expect. Throughout the process, Beatrice also apprised me of developments and invited questions and feedback. Beatrice discerns what motivates individuals and teams, which allowed her to match my career vision with the goals of my current group. She understood my focus on culture and practice area growth as well as the importance of alignment between my values, skillset, and experience and the mindset of my new team. Beatrice has enabled me to step into a career opportunity unlike any other, and I am excited to begin this new chapter. I credit the success of my recent move to her efforts and abilities. For a legal professional interested in a career shift, Beatrice is the right choice”
“Beatrice has been pivotal in helping me find a great platform to grow my business despite the fact that it was a somewhat atypical lateral partner move. In addition to being proactive and responsive, Beatrice provided thoughtful and strategic suggestions throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a lateral move”
Jason P Stiehl
Partner, Crowell Morning LLP
Gary Hecker
Co Managing Partner Munck Wilson Mandala
Jack Habert
Sheldon Einsenberger
Partner Anderson Kill
Asma Chandani
Move to Dechert
Ryan Beard Esq.
Eric Brietman
Smith Grambrell & Russell LLP
 Paul F Kruger
Global Chair Structured Finance Seyfarth
Charles Cording
Moved from Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz to Wilkie Farr & Gallagher LLP
 John K Kim & Ralph W Selitto
Group move to Clark Hill
Ellie F Steiner
Group Move to Clark Hill from Wilson Sonsini
Susannah Gagnon, PhD
Associate as Part of Group Move with Ellie Steiner to Clark Hill Previously: Wilson Sonsini
Tron Fu
Partner Dickinson Wright Previously with Steptoe

Our Leadership Team

Members of the JustLaw team come from a wide range of backgrounds, including law, technology, and financial services, and have expertise ranging from start-ups to large financial institutions.
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Beatrice O'Brien

Founder, Chair & CEO
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Martin Lambert

Chief Technology Officer
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James Stapleton

Chief Client Services Officer
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Jonathan Schwartz

Chief Financial Officer

Our Advisory Board

Our advisory board brings industry experiences from the legal, finance, tech, and consulting industries.
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Jack Habert

Advisory Board
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Jason Stiehl

Advisory Board
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John C. Ferrara

Advisory Board
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Oliver Ramsbottom

Advisory Board
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Tom Barnett

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