JustLaw helps corporate legal departments optimize the value and predictability of their partnerships with external legal advisors. This encompasses not only ensuring adherence to legal procedures and optimizing processes, but also transitioning Clients from being charged on an hourly basis to adopting pricing structures that are based on the value provided.

Experienced JustLaw personnel can provide you with bespoke RFP drafting, research, and vetting services to help enterprise clients find the best attorneys to fit their legal needs, anywhere in the world.JustLaw can also negotiate fees, including alternative fee agreements, fee caps, and traditional hourly fees.

Our 50 years of combined legal industry experience, a global database of 2,850 law firms, and a network that includes access to another 11,000 firms lets us focus your search and find you the right lawyers faster.We can often achieve a significant decrease in total outside counsel spend, by at least 20-35%, while also improving legal budget predictability.

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years of legal industry experience
A global database of
law firms
and Network access to another
law firms
Decrease in total outside counsel spend

Here’s how it works: